Sunday 8 November 2015

The perfect backpack for a Politician

Not long ago, we at Lumos, ran a contest to design the 'Perfect Backpack for Netas (politicians)'! We asked our followers to suggest a new feature that 'Netas' would love to have in their Backpack, and win a free unPlug Backpack! Here are some of the ideas that emerged.

'Kursi Backpack'- Ruchi Bhosle

A backpack with an attached chair so that the politician can sit and give a speech using the 'Sanskaari’ speaker. No longer will he have to fight for limited parliament seats. After all its all about " Kissa Kursi Ka"

The 'In-Parliament Entertainment' Backpack- Pranav Verma

If you must watch "restricted movies" in Parliament, watch it in style with the 'In-Parliament Entertainment Backpack'! Blue-Film, Blue Ray Playing Backpack'! A must-have for every Neta!!

'A Shoe-launcher backpack'- Karthik Mahadevan

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a politician in possession of a parliamentary seat, must be in want of a shoe-launching backpack.  And thus, we give you... the Neta's backpack that shoots out Chappals at the opposing party!

The 'Biryani-Bribe' backpack- Deepthi Karnad

A 'biryani packet + quart of rum' dispensing slot to bribe voters with!!

The 'Jaante ho, mai kaun hoon' backpack- Neeta Kumar

Introducing the 'Jaante ho, mai kaun hoon?' backpack! Preventing politicians from getting slapped, since 2014! This bag is a highly recommended starter-kit for any politician intending to take a stand- whoops, sit-down- on current affairs.


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