Sunday 8 November 2015

The perfect backpack for a Politician

Not long ago, we at Lumos, ran a contest to design the 'Perfect Backpack for Netas (politicians)'! We asked our followers to suggest a new feature that 'Netas' would love to have in their Backpack, and win a free unPlug Backpack! Here are some of the ideas that emerged.

'Kursi Backpack'- Ruchi Bhosle

A backpack with an attached chair so that the politician can sit and give a speech using the 'Sanskaari’ speaker. No longer will he have to fight for limited parliament seats. After all its all about " Kissa Kursi Ka"

The 'In-Parliament Entertainment' Backpack- Pranav Verma

If you must watch "restricted movies" in Parliament, watch it in style with the 'In-Parliament Entertainment Backpack'! Blue-Film, Blue Ray Playing Backpack'! A must-have for every Neta!!

'A Shoe-launcher backpack'- Karthik Mahadevan

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a politician in possession of a parliamentary seat, must be in want of a shoe-launching backpack.  And thus, we give you... the Neta's backpack that shoots out Chappals at the opposing party!

The 'Biryani-Bribe' backpack- Deepthi Karnad

A 'biryani packet + quart of rum' dispensing slot to bribe voters with!!

The 'Jaante ho, mai kaun hoon' backpack- Neeta Kumar

Introducing the 'Jaante ho, mai kaun hoon?' backpack! Preventing politicians from getting slapped, since 2014! This bag is a highly recommended starter-kit for any politician intending to take a stand- whoops, sit-down- on current affairs.

Thursday 5 November 2015

No time for plug-points! -Auditya Venkatesh, one of the world's top hundred photographers, explores the Lumos Thrillseeker backpack.

No time for plug-points!
The Lumos Thrillseeker backpack has a 4000mAh battery which gets charged through its ultralight solar fabric surface.

"When I'm travelling, after a while I find myself looking for plug points, and a lot of the time that's a great hinderance. I was looking for alternate ways to get my devices charged so I can do more things on the go. After looking for a while I found the answer right here in Bangalore. This company called Lumos makes these great backpacks with solar fabric inbuilt! It worked so well! 

"This isn't a promotional message, so I'm not getting paid to do this! I genuinely love that you can harness the power of the sun to charge your phone and cameras, and reduce our consumption from plug points by that much! So shout out to them for doing this! This is meant to be a cyclist hydration pack but I use it mainly to take a lens or two and other essentials."

Seven Countries, Seven months, One man Chirag Singal, One Cycle and One bag- The Lumos Thrillseeker.

On the last day of college, some people party, some people worry about the future, and some people just sleep. But one man decided to go on a nice bike ride. Except he forgot to stop! Seven countries and seven months later, Chirag had become a bike-tourer to inspire many across India. He cycled across Myanmar, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia, Vietnam, and didn't once reconsider the trip despite facing many difficulties. Of course, during the trip he learned how to really pack-well and make the best use of all the resources he had. 

In this video, you can check out how he ingeniously uses the Lumos Thrill Seeker and literally packs multiple days worth of luggage in a 12L hydration backpack! 

Watch him talk about how he packed and used his Solar powered Hydration backpack on a multi-day tour.

This is how you know that Brevet season has begun!

How to spot a Cyclist in the boardroom...

The "Butt" of cyclist jokes

Friday night clubbing and Cyclists be like..

Ten Wildly Successful Start-Ups You've Never Heard Of!

Start-ups are the new Black. You can barely drive down the street these days, without running-over an entrepreneur, and while some are out there, curing cancer, and relocating humans to Mars, others have gone off the beaten path altogether. We take a look at the biggest, baddest and bizzare-est start-ups of 2015!

Business-class flight travel moving you away from your roots? helps you get back to your roots, by providing the bus travel experience from your childhood!
Are you losing your mind over losing your hair? Wiggy's peer-to-peer hair delivery service bridges gap between the haves and the have-nots of the tendril world. Comb over to Wiggy and take a strand against baldness!
Sell it like you stole it with the everyone's favourite e-commerce website! Inspired by the Dilbert book 'Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies' was founded by IIN Alumni.

Ain't nobody got time for your whining. Take your sniffles and sneezes to CommonSore's online forum, where you can commiserate with people who have the same illness as you.

Instamomo shows you a heat-map of dimsum-dealers, pot-sticker peddlars, and momo-merchants in your neighbourhood for you to order from. Now you can have mo' momos  than ever befo'.

Buy used (and abused) forwards and What'sApp jokes online at LOLx- a repository for undead puns. A pack of 12 can cost you as low as 5 Facebook unfriendings.

Tinder Toy packs all the surprise-factor of a blind-date into a tiny little package. Pack includes one adult toy- and a safe-word.
A cab service by Mallus, for Mallus. Currently available only in Dubai. 
It's never too late for love!
InstaTam makes your photos Tam-Bram family-friendly- in an instant!. Filters include: cleavage-blur, kissing-face censor, and instant namaam and ommam additions to any photo. Insta-Tam Premium auto-erases cigarettes, beer bottles and skanky friends from your photos.


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Cyclists don't shop like regular people! Here's why we think so.