Tuesday 25 August 2015

Is Your Brother A Cyclist?

Is Your Brother A Cyclist?

Here are ten things you can give him that he'd definitely appreciate more than a Rakhi, this Raksha-bandhan!

# 10 Commuter Trouser Cuffs:

Keep your brother from looking like something the cat dragged in.'These commuter cuffs serve a dual purpose- they keep your trousers from snagging on the pedals, and keep the mud splatters off your presentation formals. The must-have for any cyclist in a metro.

# 9 Blinky Lights:

It's 'Love me, love my bike'. A rakhi for his bike, this will keep him safe and visible on the mean streets. It doesn't matter if he already has one, or two, or ten- you can never have too many lights!

# 8 Boss-sanctioned cycling holiday:

Can a brother get a break?! Well, yes he can. Call the Boss-man. Tell him your brother needs psychiatric care as he is depressed from spending too much time in a grey cubicle. You may sue the company for fostering a terrible work environment. Boss-man offers endless leave, in exchange for not filing lawsuit.
You collect said brother, and ride off into sunset. The End.


# 7 Turn signal indicating helmet:

A turn-signal helmet for your cyclist sibling- making it that much easier you to follow him and see what nefarious activities he's up to. 

# 6 An Ass-Saver:

How many times did you cover for your brother, growing up? Here's yet another chance to save his sorry ass. These Ass Savers are a nifty way to save ones backside from being mud-splattered. Discreet and simple to attach, the ass-saver can be stored away when the brother is off the bike.

# 5 This tool-kit thats also a swag bracelet:

This will be infinitely more useful to your Brother than a Rakhi.  Not only will he look like he belongs to a chain-gang (major street cred), but when he's stranded on the side of a hill, trying to fix a puncture- he'll be insanely grateful to the bracelet, and by extension, to you. 

# 4 A years supply of energy-bars:

Do you notice how your brother's always harping on about nutrition while riding, but all his Facebook photos are of him bingeing on Biriyani and Burgers? Let's get him sorted with a years supply of energy-bars, so that he's not tempted to stray into caloriousness.

# 3 Lumos Solar Backpack:

More Power to your Bhaiya! He'll never run out of charge on his phone once he has a solar backpack. That means and you can tell him about every last detail... Every. Last. Detail... of your life over the phone, and he'll never be able to use that 'Low Battery' excuse again!

# 2 Smart 'Rakhi':

A healthy brother is a happy brother! These fitness band track your heart-rate, steps taken, time spent sleeping- basically every aspect of his existence. More info about your brother than you ever wanted to know- but a gift that he'll love you for, nonetheless.

# 1 Shining Armour:

He can't be your knight in shining armour, unless you, well.. gift him some shining armour! Buy him something he'll really want to drool over. 

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