Saturday, 15 August 2015

Lumos Solar Charger Specifications

Charger Specifications :

  1.  5V-25V input voltage
  2.  <10W power input (debatable)
  3.  >4000 mA-h battery capacity
  4. MPTT for solar performance improvement
  5.  SOC (state of Charge) indication (Low energy consumption for SOC indication)
  6. Short circuit protection at output
  7. Over voltage protection at input
  8. Protection from over-charge and over-discharge ( all battery protection)
  9. Charge all major USB chargeable devices  ( tables, phones, lights, GPS)
  10. Contact discharging 8KV / Air discharging 12KV (debatable)
  11. Low standby power consumption ( < 4 mW)
  12. 90% charging efficiency ( average over battery charging cycle)
  13. 85% discharging efficiency ( average over battery discharge cycle)
  14. Operating ambient temperature (0-45 Celsius)
  15. 50Kg pressure limit
  16. 500 time rub resistance   
  17. Non-flammable
  18. Connector mating cycles > 1000
  19. Switch press cycles > 3000 and over force protection for the switch (if switch is present in the system)
  20. 3 year of life in normal use
  21. No failure in case of drop from 3.5 feet height (optional)
  22. Water protection for the ports (optional)
  23.  Cost < $12 (for charger unit & cables) for quantity of 10,000 (debatable)


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