Monday, 25 May 2015

Techno-Zing: Useful Gadgets for a Cyclist - Guest article by Arushi Jain

Technology is an integral part of cycling these days . Let’s dive deeper and find out what it has in store for you, a cyclist.

1.      Garmin Edge 1000
Tread without fear with this trust-worthy bike-specific GPS-tracker. It is not just a conventional GPS tracker, it can measure your speed, time, distance, altitude, climb, descent, calories burned and your heart rate! It can also be paired with your smartphone. Not impressed yet? How do you feel about a Virtual Partner mode to race a virtual partner?

Garmin's Virtual Partner (Image Source:

2.      Hokey Spokes
Yes, this gadget is as cool as it sounds. This makes a boring safety light into a really trendy light image and text on your bicycle wheels. I told you, it is quite cool. As soon as you start pedaling, the 16 built-in LEDs light up into images and form the “LED art”. Bring out the artist in you!
Making LED art with Hokey Spokes (Source:

3.      ICEdot Helmet Sensor
Accidents happen all the time. Things become a little more complicated for a cyclist because there’s a high probability that if you get into an accident, you’ll get through by the skin of your teeth or maybe end up losing a few. Your saviour in such a situation can be the ICEdot Helmet Sensor. Its tiny yellow dot detects accidents and sends an SMS to your emergency contacts. It is truly a life-saver!
The ICEdot Sensor alerts emergency contacts through SMS (Source:

4.      Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal
There’s more than one way of making yourself presence felt. This battery-powered turn signal device is one of them. It is equipped with ultra-bright LEDs and emits a loud beep whenever you make a turn. A must-use for a commuter to ensure you’re heard and seen.

5.      Helios Bars
Enjoy biking at night? Then this device is a solution to all your worries. It has GPS tracking and front and rear-facing LEDs. It doesn’t end here. The rear-facing lights change colour with your speed and also work as turn signals or indicators. Awesome, eh?
The Helios Drop bars claims to give "brains" to your bike (Source:

What is the funkiest biking gadget you have come across? Do tell us! 

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