Thursday 4 June 2015

Blogospheric Gems – Interesting Blogs about cycling, for cyclists! - By Arushi Jain

Have you ever thought how cool a sieve (sifter) is? No, I am not crazy, just think about it. It separates out the useful component from a mixture of different components. So, let’s just say we’re a cyclist-specific sieve and have taken up the gigantic responsibility of sifting out the best cycling blogs from the entire blogosphere. Here’s a list of our top cycling blogs.

This is a very interesting blog which highlights how Copenhagen transformed itself into a bike-obsessed city. We all can learn a thing or two from this blog and hopefully bring a change in our city as well. Hey, a girl can dream!

Fat Cyclist
This blog, started by Elden Nelson or “Fatty” captivates you with its heart-warming yet witty posts. His entries are about weight loss, cycling and occasional serious posts about his wife, Susan.

The Inner Ring
This is the most sought-after source of cycling news, race coverage, cycling heroes etc. Of course, the extensive collection of fantastic images brings everything to life.

London Cyclist
London Cyclist is probably the first blog every cycling-enthusiast gorges through. The weekly reviews of latest cycling clothing make sure that you bike in style.

Bike Snob
With its massive following and readership, Bike Snob is definitely on every cyclists must-read list. The Snob is a total bully and has been tagged as a “bike culture denier”. He has a take on everything, like EVERYTHING going on in the cycling world.

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